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Coffee Bar


locanda al 5 - the interior of our coffee barThe Breakfast can be enjoyed in the historic cafe below where you can enjoy coffee, hot chocolate, hot and cold drinks, juices and smoothies, but above all specialties in an atmosphere totally relaxing.

locanda al 5 - Our outside barThe cafe also has a large open area with shelter set up with tables on the main square - closed to traffic - where you can enjoy views of the majestic Villa Litta and where you can take a nice breath of fresh air on hot summer evenings.

cappuccino of bed & breakfast locanda al 5Our creamy cappuccinos and our 1 croissants for breakfast every morning, you are guaranteed a sweet awakening.

the long drinks of bed & breakfast locanda al 5 In the evening you can sip a long drink and enjoy the animation and entertainment created and organized an ad hoc from the inn to its customers.